U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds

The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds will have six F-16 Fighting Falcons flying up to 700 mph and as close as 18” apart!

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U.S. Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet

The U.S. Navy will be sending their top line fighter aircraft, the F/A-18 Super Hornet for demonstrations each day of the Toledo Air Show. The Super Hornet will push speeds of up to 700 mph during its performance and will display many of the maneuvers and capabilities that have allowed the Super Hornet to be the U.S. Navy’s workhorse in recent overseas operations.

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Ohio ANG F-16’s

The Ohio Air National Guard will fly their F-16 Vipers in a thrilling capabilities display!

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U.S. Army Golden Knights

Watch in awe as the U.S. Army Golden Knights perform an emotional flag drop and perform amazing parachute formations!

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P-51 Mustang “Quicksilver”

See the iconic U.S Army Air Corps aircraft from WWII.

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F4U Corsair

Step back in time as the F4U Corsair shows why it was the WWII King of the Pacific.

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Mike Wiskus

See Mike Wiskus perform precise loops, rolls and other maneuvers!

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Flashfire Jet Truck

It bellows smoke. It shoots flames. It accelerates to 350 mph. Meet the FlashFire Jet Truck!

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Mark Kirsch

See Man vs. JumboJet as the “World’s Strongest Man” pulls a huge military aircraft!

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Rob Holland

Like so many air show performers, Rob Holland’s fascination with flying began as a youngster in New England.

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Franklin’s Flying Circus

For nearly 50 years, Franklin’s Flying Circus has entertained air show spectators with its unique and exciting acts that are focused on precision flying.

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Jacquie B

With over 2,800 flight hours and more than 1000 coast-to-coast air show performances to her credit, Jacquie has proven that she has the talent, stamina, discipline and guts to reach beyond all limits.

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John Black Super Decathlon Air Shows

Originally from Dayton, Ohio – the birthplace of aviation – John Black loves aerobatic flying even though he has flown some of the greatest aircraft in the military while he was in the Air Force.

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Titan T-51

The Titan T-51 Mustang is an Ohio-born aircraft that is three-quarters the size of the P-51 Mustang, also wildly popular at North American air shows.

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All performers, aircraft, and displays are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.